Wednesday, 13 May 2009


This trip is the reverse Frasier because Frasier moved from Boston to Seattle, Cheers to Frasier. Both those shows? Cancelled. Does this bode well?

Frasier in happier days

Kelsey Grammar played Frasier Crane. The actor's biog is littered with tragedy like a porcupine at a pool party. His father was killed on the family home's front lawn, when Kelsey was 13. In 1975 his sister was murdered, after being abducted outside a restaurant in Colorado. 1980- his twin half-brothers were killed by a shark. His second wife tried to kill herself after a miscarriage. Cocaine addiction. Alcohol addicition. Heart attack. Last show Back To You- cancelled. (props to wikipedia. you my homeboy, yo).

Tragedy follows Kelsey around like a Greek chorus. Is this the kind of mascot you would want to accompany you across the States?

We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

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